Fashion Equation





For me, Fashion is equal parts Creativity, Craftsmanship, and Commerce:

Fashion = Creativity + Craftsmanship + Commerce

Where, Creativity = Craftsmanship = Commerce 

Right Now, Commerce outweighs and overshadows Creativity and Craftsmanship:

Commerce > Creativity + Craftsmanship

I want to explore the Fashion Equation where
Commerce = Zero:

Fashion =  Creativity + Craftsmanship

In the last ten years, there has been significant business model innovation in fashion, with TheRealReal, Bonobos, Stitch Fix, and Rent The Runway to name a few. I want to focus on innovation in materials, fabrication, and embellishment – what actually goes into the making of and NOT the selling of fashion.

When Commerce = Zero, Fashion becomes Art. If it’s art, it can be abstracted. That’s how I arrived at Abstract Couture™.

I never sought to be an artist because I didn’t know what it meant to be one. I do know what it means to:

 -         Be singularly focused on the beauty of fashion since childhood

-          Have impossible dreams and work diligently to achieve them

-          See what’s needed and not yet available and have the confidence to create it

-          Sacrifice what’s common to attain the uncommon

-          Do the right thing today to make tomorrow easier

-          Love and be loved by people who have solid minds and generous hearts

-          Have faith in myself