I never set out to be an artist.  

I’m here because I took one step at a time and was true to the process.  

I pursued beauty in the form of fashion.

And the purest form of fashion — haute couture — is art.

When the world around me was getting very intense and complicated, I changed my entire life to attend fashion school as a way to find more personal meaning. I found an escape in the beauty of fashion, which fueled my personal reinvention. That’s what started this next chapter in my life.

The turning point was winning First Place in the 2016 Hand & Lock Embroidery Competition for my Algorithms. As I was researching and preparing my entry, with Josef Albers’ Homage to the Square as a longtime inspiration, I created algorithms that lived inside of a square that built texture through layers. My designs lived on their own more powerfully than part of fashion. There was so much freedom to visualize my designs not limited by the constraints of fashion - no seams, sizing, buttons, pockets, or zippers.

Every fashion school graduate wants their own brand and to enter the business and glamour of fashion. I wanted my work to be viewed as art — in a museum, gallery, or home — viewed and enjoyed daily by everyone in the living room, not stored in a closet. There was no career or creative roadmap for me in this phase. It was a pure experiment in creativity and personal growth. Winning the competition gave me the confidence to go on.  

And that was the birth of  Abstract Couture™ inspired by fashion, structured by mathematics and algorithms, sourced from the finest materials, steeped in history, and crafted by hand. Abstract Couture is a series of abstractions of what is shown on the Paris Haute Couture runways — suits, gowns, dresses, pantsuits, jumpsuits, gowns, and wedding dresses — presented as sculptures, textures, and layers.

My next project is called the Garden Series inspired by the iconic couturier Hubert de Givenchy who loved gardening as much as designing fashion. He was even asked by the French government to be part of the garden restoration at Versailles. My first garden series explored shapes, heights, textures, and color to recreate the beauty of nature using the materials of fashion and haute couture.  I always loved the blues of hydrangea, the pinks of peonies, and the yellows of sunflowers.

So now I find myself in a world that I never expected to be in and can confidently say that my life now has more meaning than I ever expected to have. Pursuing beauty for the sake of beauty has indeed changed my life in a truly magical way.

I am slowly understanding what it means to be an artist.

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